Atsiprašome už nepatogumus. 2021/09/13 - 2021/09/26 , telefonu susisiekti su mumis bus neįmanoma. Mašinų rezervacija vyks tik per elektroninį paštą arba per tinklalapį.
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    Minibus rental

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    Passenger transport services

Minibus rental

     Welcome to the! «Nuoma911» offers rental services in Vilnius. It is clear that the demand for passenger vans is increasing every year. We offer you short or long term rent in Vilnius, available with delivery (transfer to railway station, airport and to any point in the city)

     Need a minibus? We rent the transport at a favorable rate for you. Customers are keen to find rental companies that can afford to rent. We strive to provide you with the best service at the most reasonable price.

     It will take a few minutes to sign the contract, and every citizen who is 25 years of age or older can rent a transport with us. All vehicles are technically sound and will not cause any problems. A constantly updated fleet will allow you to choose between a minibus or a car. Renting a vehicle will help you achieve your goals.

minibus rental without driver

Minibus rental without driver

Minibus rental with driver

Minibus rental with driver

Car rental

Car rental


Watch the video, Frequently Asked Questions About Rentals

Watch a video to help you rent a transport in 3 easy steps.

Minibus rental in Vilnius

     Our fleet includes NISSAN Primastar, OPEL Vivaro, RENAULT Trafic and VOLKSWAGEN Multivan, VOLKSWAGEN Caravelle minivans. All vehicles in our fleet are constantly inspected at the workshop and in good technical condition. Minibus rental at RENT911 can be a great solution in the following cases:

  • Tourist tours
  • Adoption of the delegation
  • Transportation of guests
  • Weddings and other special occasions

   If you're used to the automatic gearbox, we're ready to offer it to you. We strive to please each client individually, and we have special conditions for regular clients. We can also offer you car rental in Vilnius paslaugas.
You can pay with us in cash, but you can also make an order.

Passenger minibus rental

Hire with drivers

Microchip rental in Vilnius and Kaunas

Microchip rental in Vilnius and Kaunas

Rental of minibuses

Bus rent  

Mikroautobuso nuoma - su vairuotoju

Tokia paslauga, kaip miniveno / mikroautobuso nuoma su vairuotoju, bus patogi tiems, kam reikia mikroautobuso, bet jie visiškai neturi vairavimo patirties ar noro sėsti už vairo arba tiesiog neturi vairuotojo teisių.

Mikroautobusų nuoma - be vairuotojo

Tokiu atveju, jeigu mikroautobuso arba miniveno jums reikia kelioms dienoms ar savaitėms, jūs esate susiplanavę kelionę, turite vairuotoją, tai privalumas nuomos be vairuotojo yra akivaizdus.

Transferų organizacija

Kompanija NUOMA911 įgyvendina transferų organizaciją Lietuvoje. Transferas yra patogus būdas pasiekti norimą vietą. Populiarūs maršrutai: Klaipėda - Vilnius, Vilnius - Ryga, Vilnius - Varšuva, Vilnius - Druskininkai.

Autobusiukų nuoma visiems gyvenimo atvejams

bus rental

Why do people rent buses?

1. Convenient

  • Special offers: Klaipeda-Vilnius, Vilnius-Riga.
  • Operative clearance, issue, extension.
  • Different models of 9 - 8 - 7 seat vans.


  • Low rates, no hidden payments.
  • Special offers for regular customers.
  • We will always be able to deliver the transport to the specified location.


  • Vans of prestigious brands.
  • 24/7 Technical Support.
  • Vans are insured with roadside assistance.

Micro rental for your needs

Mikroautobusų nuoma